Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in the park, under a tree, talking to a spider

I've got music in my pocket, a pen in my hand, and a book under my arm. It's a good day. Probably one of the last perfect days before winter hits. You know when you are feeling so lost and so irritable that you just need to walk away from it all for awhile? That's what today is. Sometimes the only cure for depression is sitting under a shade tree listening to Broken Social Scene. I wish I had found this spot earlier in the year. But, no matter, I have it now. It's kind of like making a new friend, except it doesn't end in disappointment. (There's a spider on my book. I didn't expect him to have such good taste in literature.)


Molly said...

I'd escape with you, I dont think I can take it either.

ophelia said...

Let's sail away together, Molly.